Mirrored furniture is an interior trend now loved by many. It’s really not hard to understand why, when you see just how versatile you can be with styling! From venetian glamour to modern glitz, you really can introduce a mirror finish into almost every style of home.

We just love its sleek elegance and ability to transform a space to feel instantly bright and open.

Here at Ruby’s Room, we’ve got a fabulous range of mirrored furniture on offer, and we’ve even put together a list of our top seven tips on how to decorate with mirrored furniture. Read on to get inspired.

1. Enlarge a small room

If you’re struggling to find furniture that doesn’t overpower a smaller space, mirrored furniture may be the perfect solution for you. One benefit in introducing a mirrored range of furniture into your home, is its great ability to make a room appear larger than it is!

Reflective in nature, it’s surface will catch any ray of sunlight and beautifully bounce this across the room, reflecting the square footage and therefore giving the illusion of more space.

2. Show off your existing decoration

If you already love your home décor and are simply looking for that perfect finishing touch or to just bring something new to an area, mirrored furniture is ideal!

Positioning alone can instantly change the feel of a space. Place a mirrored coffee table in the centre of your living room and sit back to marvel over little glimpses of surrounding pieces!

Mirrored furniture allows you to enjoy the shared ambience from a nearby light, the bold tones of a colourful sofa and can make even more of a statement out of key pieces such as your bedframe.

3. Make a luxurious statement

For those who love a bit of wow factor, mirrored furniture always promotes luxury, opulence and glamour!

Given that the inspiration for much mirrored furniture dates back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, it’s safe to say, mirrored furniture is anything but a passing trend, but is in fact a style that continues to adapt with the times.

You can make any room sparkle with the addition of some mirrored furniture, be it with statement coffee tables and nightstands or perhaps some practical end tables and cabinets.

There’s so many different finishes to mirrored furniture, we love the crushed diamond look for some instant glitz and glamour or you can opt for a more antique aged appearance for an old-world chic finish. – Your home will soon feel like a 5* hotel with the correct mirrored additions!

4. Brighten up your space

A room can simply feel brighter by the feeling it gives you when you enter, and one way to capture that instant love and joy for a space is by adding personal touches.

Styling your new furniture to sit in keeping with your homes décor can be daunting for some and the most amazing part of decorating for others, but there can be a fine line between clutter and insta-worthy faffing! Mirrored furniture however allows you to play around with a bunch of accessories whilst avoiding that overly cluttered feel.

We already know by now the benefits of introducing reflective furniture pieces into a room. Enhancing surrounding light is a massive bonus, there is no denying it, but the transparent finish of mirrored furniture always makes a space feel so light and airy, no matter how many additional items are position on or near it.

5. Combining materials

Using a range of textures can really add some depth to a room and combining other materials with mirror allows you to emphasise certain areas whilst others can settle into the background!

We just love a mix of natural textures, a wave of houseplants and fabric soft furnishings nestled among a few key pieces of mirrored furniture. Perfect for a light and airy space that still feels homely, welcoming and alive.

6. Open up your dining room

Mirrored dining room furniture is sophisticated and elegant and ideal for a social hub of the home. With smooth lines and a bright surface that just begs for free flowing conversation, its open design is able to sit among both contemporary and traditional décor schemes.

A glass table top ensures your room will never feel closed in, whilst capturing all available light, resulting in the most stunning centrepiece.

Since mirrored furniture works so well with a range of textures, it’s ok if a glass table isn’t quite to your taste! Instead, include other items such as a sideboard or larder. We love the way a mirrored edge reflects and captures various colours from around the room and has a unique ability to mesh everything together without competing with one another.

7. Using actual mirrors

A mirror is necessary to any household, they help us get ready on a morning and make sure we’re looking good before we leave. Mirror however is more than a practical addition, it’s highly versatile and can be just the decorative feature you’ve been searching for!

If you love a dark wall, adding a mirror can prevent a room from feeling too heavy while opting for a large mirrored piece such as a mirror fronted wardrobe can feel like you’ve almost doubled the size of your square footage. They can be an idyllic part of a gallery wall and a perfect way of disguising or making a feature out of a doorway. The possibilities really are endless.

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