Dark colours have come into their own in the past few years and this trend isn’t one that will be going away anytime soon! You need only scroll a few squares on Instagram home interior hashtags to see bundles of homeowners embracing the dark side and becoming more daring with bold shades.

From dark navy’s to moody greys and deep greens, dark home interiors are set to remain popular for some time yet! Be brave and embrace the dark side in your own home, be it through paint, accessories or new pieces of furniture.

Don’t be scared of colour

The trick is to never be afraid! When it comes to introducing colour, sometimes you’ve just got to run with it. There’s a perception that dark colours can close off a room and make it feel small, but when done right it can have the exact opposite effect.

Deep hues of greys, blacks, blues or even greens, can make furniture appear more luxurious and in turn, your room a lot grander than it is. The trick with dark colours is limiting the amount of colours you add. We love using varying shades of the same with the addition of one other accent. For example deep navy with gold highlights or blush pink with forest greens.

Ways to paint

Dark feature walls are a game changer, a simple yet most transformative change you can make to a room. Going dark can exaggerate that cosy feeling, making you want to snuggle up and never leave.

All white rooms will forever be a classic, but why not add a bit of a punch. Rooms that are north facing or which have little natural light, need not be kept white for the sake of keeping things bright. White rooms with little daylight can actually look a bit dull, whereas the introduction of a dark inky hue can instead at heaps of interest. If you feel painting an entire wall may be too much, you can section off the top to give the illusion of higher ceilings which can help keep your room feeling spacious.

Grey panelled feature wall in home

Panelling is another trend to recently make a comeback and we simply love dark shades with added texture. This can really help to break up the block colour of a feature wall and also looks so much more extravagant than it costs to do it!

Using mirror

Mirror is an age old hack, whilst looking grand and also being of practical use, including a mirror or mirrored pieces of furniture within a room really helps capture the daylight and have this bounce around the space. Dark rooms are dark of-course, but this doesn’t mean they can’t also be bright!

A dark designed room with a floor to ceiling mirror feels so glamorous and works well with both modern and traditional vibes.

Style it dark

When it comes to interior styling a dark pallet works well with almost anything! We do have a soft spot for dark modern glamour. Comprising of industrial elements, large statement pieces and pops of colour for a slight boho vibe. However you really can partner anything, even with light and homely scandi inspired pieces.

Muted green feature wall in living room

Soft furnishings and accessories really can help you go bold without having to pick up a paintbrush. Add some luscious overfull curtains in a deep tone, alongside co-ordinating artwork, cushions and ornaments until you reach your desired look.

Consider dark furniture

If you love the dark interior trend, how about opting for some dark furniture. It may be way more of an investment but it really brings that wow factor to a space! We absolutely love a statement dark sofa, be that in a sumptuous velour blue or cool black leather.

Tables, sideboards and bookshelves can also look amazing in a darker shade! If you prefer to keep your walls neutral, the addition of dark furniture makes for such an opulent contrast.

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