Are you looking for some inspiration for your living room? Whether you’re redecorating or are wanting to make a few quick changes, Ruby’s Room are here to help. We stock a range of living room furniture, so no matter the vibe you’re interested in, we’re confident in saying that you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

We’re here to share some of the top living room decorating ideas with you. This can be used as inspiration for your living room. No matter the shape or size of your living room, we’re confident in saying that you will find something that not only is your vibe, but fit within your living space too.

10 Top Trends for Living Rooms

Always choose a trend or vibe that inspires you, and you feel that suits your home. This will ensure that everything is consistent and runs nicely through your property. That said, in no particular order, here are the 10 top trends for living rooms.

  1. Mirrored furniture
  2. Cream and washed wood
  3. Grey
  4. Navy and gold
  5. All white
  6. Three colours and stick to it
  7. Grey and oak wood furniture sets
  8. Emerald green
  9. Bold colours
  10. Natural wood

These trends are just 10 of the most popular. They are in no particular order but are there to inspire you in your home. Even if you don’t stick completely to one of these trends, use it to inspire you in your own way.

Furniture for Living Rooms

Now that you have your trend in mind, it’s time to consider the furniture, flooring and walls to piece it all together. This will then create a new look for your living room, and will help to make it personal to you. You may also like to browse through our furniture for living rooms, where we stock a range of different styles, some of which include: Windermere White Glass Mirrored TV Stand, Thirlmere Gold Console Sideboard, Rydal Multi Mirrored 6 Drawer Chest, Riviera Mirrored Console Table, Derwent Mirrored Fireplace and Highland Grey and Oak Coffee Table with Drawers.

Shop With Ruby’s Room

For all your needs regarding living room furniture, look no further than Ruby’s Room. We’re proud to supply a range of wooden furniture to customers in the UK. Nothing is off limits for us, so regardless of your needs and requirements, we’re more than confident in saying that we can help. Come and shop with Ruby’s Room today and enjoy our vast range of living room furniture.

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